CRPP – Prison

John Holland/Department of Justice

The maximum-security prison will accommodate 1,248 prisoners in the vicinity of the Lara prison precinct and provide capacity for Victoria’s future growing prison population.

Works involved:
-Over 470 Steel columns, in house engineered and shop drawn, fabricated in house /Galvanised and installed on site utilising all our own equipment and personal.
-Over 5000 meters of Strip footing, excavated, formed, reinforcement and poured utilising all our own excavators/cranes/material handlers etc.
-Over 470 Pad footings, excavated, formed, reinforcement and poured.
-Over 500 Light pole footings, piled, formed reinforcement and poured.
-7 Large concrete service trench beams excavated, formed, reinforcement and poured.
-Over 5000m3 of concrete poured.

Equipment & efficiencies utilised:
Bridgecon self-fabricated & in house designed all steel formwork systems & outside the box ideas to utilise maximum performance and used effective systems to gain better program outcome.
Site & project engineer, site foreman dedicated to site with presents of company owner for over 85% of the project to ensure coordination/communication and consistency of work quality was kept to the highest standard. Bridgecon completed our own inspection & test plans on our works to ensure everything was completed to a high standard to satisfy the Victorian justice department.

 Plant used on site:
-40 Tonne Hydraulic Crane
-Franna cranes
– 3,5,8,14,35 tonne excavators
-Tipper trucks, rollers, materials handlers, positracks, utility vehicles and service vehicles

Project Value – $7.8m