Painted Hills Sewage Pumping Station and Pipework

Jaydo / Yarra Valley Water

Painted Hills Sewage Pump Station project involves constructing a new underground pump station near the intersection of Painted Hills Road and Kyarra Drive, Doreen. 1km of 500OD HDPE pipeline from the pump station will be introduced to run to the Overland Drive roundabout, under Laurimar Creek to Bradford Drive where it will connect to the existing sewer network.

Works involved:
-Formwork, Reinforcement and Concrete of the wet well, circular valve chamber and apron slabs.

Equipment and efficiencies utilised:
Project engineer & site foreman dedicated to site with presents of company owner for over 70% of the project to ensure coordination/communication and consistency of work quality was kept to the highest standard. Bridgecon designed and installed all temporary works at a very high standard to achieve access into a very tight areas. In house forms and temp work drawings were designed and fabricated to complete concrete works.

Plant used on site:
-Large Hydraulic Crane
-Franna cranes
– 14 tonne excavators
-Materials handlers, utility vehicles and service vehicles

Project value: <$1m